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What are the Steps to Apply for a US visa?

‪Application For US Visa

When traveling to the US, or any other country for that matter, one of the things you need to prepare is your visa. However, the visa process may vary depending on what type of visa you’re going for, mainly if it’s nonimmigrant or immigrant.
For example, for temporary visits, you will need to go through either the B2 Visa Process for tourism or the B1 visa process for business. On the other hand, for people with a limited budget but worldwide connections, you might be interested in travel sponsorship.
So, what’s a visa sponsorship? This is when people get sponsored to travel for specific business arrangements or other activities that are beneficial to the sponsor.
In this case, a person must come up with solid travel concepts that will convince individual or business sponsors to pay for their trips.
Below are the steps on visa application processing:

Visitors Visa Application

For business trips, vacations, medical treatment, among others, you may schedule an application for visitor visa.
However, do bear in mind that the steps may vary depending on the US Embassy or Consulate. In applying for visitor visa, you may choose between B-1 or B-2.
Here are the steps:
Apply for Visitors Visa Online
To start, you must complete the Form DS-160 online for Nonimmigrant Visa Application and print out a copy to bring on the day of your interview.
While filling out the form, you will also need to upload a photo that follows the photograph requirements.
Schedule an Interview
Next, schedule an appointment for your interview. This is only required for people between the ages of 14 to 79.
The waiting time is dependent on your location, category, and season, so it’s highly recommended that you apply as early as you can.
Compile Needed Documents and Fees
Before the interview, you are asked to pay a non-refundable fee for the application. As soon as your visa is approved, you may also need to pay a visa issuance fee afterward.
Other than that, here are the documents you need to prepare before your interview:
o Passport
o Visa Application Form confirmation
o Payment receipt
o Photo

Get Interviewed
Lastly, a consular officer will evaluate whether you are eligible to receive a visa. They will also check if you have passed the requirements to obtain one or if you’re still in need of further administrative processing.
After this, they will digitally take your fingerprint scans as part of the process during your interview.

Family Visit Visa USA

For family visits, you will have to opt for the US B2 Visa Application. The application for the B2 Visa procedure is quite similar to what was mentioned prior. Here are the steps:
• Complete the Form DS-160
• Pay Visa Fees
• Schedule your interview
• Prepare Necessary Documents
• Attend Interview and Wait for approval
To be qualified, you must prove that you are financially capable of paying for your stay and will return as soon as it expires. Also, the purpose of your flight should be one of the following:
• Holiday visit
• Tour
• Visit family and friends
• Social event participation
• Medical treatment
• Contest and event participation without payment
• Short study courses without credit

For your convenience, it is recommended that you hire an immigration lawyer to help you go over your choices and become your visa guide.
Moreover, with their experience and specialty in nationality law and immigration, you are sure to receive trustworthy solutions and customer services at a flat fee legal rate.
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